whitening teethTake Home Whitening

Today many patients are more aware of their smile and how white their teeth are. Realizing the emotional and psychological benefits of a pleasant smile many patients are choosing to whiten their teeth. While there are many products being sold over the counter at supermarkets and drug stores their results can be very inconsistent. Some of these products can also be harmful if misused.

Having teeth whitened by a dentist will afford patients a much safer and more predictable result. The systems we use are tried and proven to be very safe and effective. Patients can choose to do take home whitening, or have their teeth whitened in the office. The take home method is as simple as having an impression made and returning the next day to receive your whitening trays, whitening materials and instructions. In as little as a couple of day’s patients will see their teeth becoming whiter. The time required to use the whitening system will depend on the patients tooth shade before whitening and how white the patient wants their teeth to be. Desired results are usually achieved in two weeks. Touch up whitening will need to be done periodically and will vary with each patient.

In Office Whitening

The advantage of having your teeth whitened in the office is that the process is complete in two hours, rather than two weeks. At this appointment we take impressions for take home trays as well, so patients can do touch up whitening at home as needed. The procedure is simple. The lips and gums are covered leaving only teeth exposed. Whitening gel is then applied, and a special light is used. This process takes a little over an hour. You will notice results immediately. With proper care, you will have a whiter, sparkling smile for years.