Healthy Smiles Dental Center West Plains Missouri Ricky Cornish DDSGum disease is a bacterial infection that occurs below the gum line eventually causing gum recession and bone loss. Bleeding is the primary indicator of the presence of gum disease. If your gums bleed during a gum examination you probably have some degree of gum disease. The treatment indicated for gum disease is scaling and root planing. This procedure can only legally be performed by a licensed dentist or licensed Registered Dental Hygienist. If you are having scaling and root planing and you are unsure of the qualifications of the person providing this care please ask. A cleaning is not indicated or beneficial to the patient with gum disease and in fact is a waste of the patient’s money.

An important fact to remember is that meticulous home care and regular visits to the dentist for maintenance care is critical in preventing the recurrence of gum disease. Special home care instruments such as the Braun Oral B mechanical toothbrush will be very helpful and cost effective in preventing recurrence. Patients should return to their dentist every three months for maintenance care. It has been proven that the bacteria that cause gum disease can repopulate below the gum line in a period of three months once again becoming destructive. Therefore, if a patient only returns every six months for maintenance care by their dentist or hygienist they are much more likely to have the gum disease recur.