Healthy Smiles Dental Center West Plains Missouri Ricky Cornish DDSA veneer is a thin layer of tooth colored material that is placed over the front surface, usually to improve the shape and or color of a tooth or teeth. They are frequently used to lighten the color or shade of a patient’s teeth. They are also a cost effective method of correcting crowded or crooked teeth allowing patients to avoid more expensive long-term orthodontic treatment.

There are two materials commonly used for veneers; porcelain and composite resin. Porcelain veneers are most commonly requested. While porcelain is a little more expensive initially, it is still more cost effective in the long run. Porcelain will look nicer, last longer and it doesn’t stain.

While composite veneers are slightly less expensive initially, they do not last as long and they will stain over time. Therefore, they usually have to be replaced much sooner adding to the long-term cost.